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I live by a lot of farm lands with deep run off ditches.
I'm wondering witch should i hunt more of? The run offs or the feilds!
Posted by Matt on Oct 08, 2023
Best Beginners Call
New to Electronic calls and Decoys. Been a deer Hunter all of my Teenage and adult life, have coyote hunted in the past with no great success
Posted by Colton on Jan 14, 2023
Best caliber for hunting coyotes
A question that gets asked all the time is what caliber is the best one for coyote hunting. There is no “right” answer. Are you looking to just drop coyotes? Or are you trying to be fur friendly? Also are you shooting 100-200 yards or 500-600 yards? For me, I shoot up to 350 yards and I do not care about fur so I use a 6.5 grendel. I get a lot less runn ... Read More
Posted by EP Admin (Dane) on Nov 19, 2020
New To Predator Hunting?
We all have to start somewhere, why not right here?! Let's hear your new hunter questions? There are no stupid questions.
Posted by EP Admin (Bryan) on Nov 19, 2020